Survey Profile

Respondents represent every region of the country and are involved in a broad cross-section of industry sectors from manufacturing (the largest category at 30%) to construction (11%), wholesale trade (8%), retail trade and real estate (6% each), finance, agriculture, hotel management, restaurants, and more. 58% of respondents carry the title CEO or President, 28% are family members, 17% serve on the Board, 14% are Vice Presidents, and the balance are C-level executives.
As in past FEUSA surveys, the overwhelming majority of respondents are from well-established firms—40% have been in business 30–60 years, 22% have been in business 60–100 years, and 10% have been in business over 100 years.

These are stable family enterprises. One characteristic of stable family businesses is consistent leadership. 27% of FEUSA survey respondents have been leading their companies for 11–20 years, 20% have been leading their companies for 21–30 years. 18% have been at the helm for over 30 years.

“58% of respondents carry the title CEO or President. Others are either part of executive leadership, are owners, serve on the board and/or are family members.”

FEUSA advocates for the families of family businesses and the issues they face every day in running their businesses across all industries.


Your support is vital as Congress works to change tax laws and regulations that effect all family businesses.