FEUSA: Enterprising Families. Working Together.

FEUSA is the organization that family business owners and legislators in Washington DC go to for information on the family business industry. FEUSA has established itself as a trusted resource through research work, an annual survey of family businesses across the country, focus groups and general data gathering about the issues and challenges family businesses face every day. For more information please contact us.

FEUSA is the Voice of Family Businesses in America

FEUSA is respected and relied upon to be the voice for family business in Washington DC. FEUSA members meet with legislators in Washington D.C., to present information on the organization’s latest work and current research. FEUSA members educate legislators on the current economic environment that businesses face around the country.

“One characteristic of stable family businesses is consistent leadership.”

Board of Directors

Mike Hamra
President & CEO, Hamra Enterprises

Pat Soldano
President, FEUSA
Founder & Chairman, Policy and Taxation Group

Preston Root
Root Glass Company

Jamie T. Richardson
Vice President, White Castle Management Co


Pat Soldano, Jamie Richardson and Mike Hamra