Annual ​Family Businesses Survey

20​20 Survey of Family Busin​esses is Here!!

​We advocate for the family issues inside the family business such as reducing regulations, reducing or eliminating estate taxes.
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The sole mission of ​Family Enterprise USA and purpose is to promote family businesses and their job growth in America across all industries.

Given that 2020 is a general election year your participation is particularly important.

The ​Family Enterprise USA Family Business Survey ​allows your voice to be directly heard.

Your response is vital as Congress works to change tax laws and regulations that effect all family businesses.

​This information is shared with other business owners, educators, and legislators to allow them to understand the unique challenges faced by “family” businesses.

Participate today by taking the family business survey.  Click here now​!!!
Past survey's have shown Family businesses want:
  1. Reducing Over Regulation
  2. ​Reducing Or Repealing Estate Tax
  3. Simplifying Tax Code
  4. Reducing Income Tax
  5. Reducing Capital Gains Tax
  6. Reducing The Federal Deficit

The results of this annual survey will be used by our Board and FEUSA members in many meetings with members of Congress both Republicans and Democrats and will be distributed to media, educators, family business Centers and others.  Make sure your voice is heard by participating in FEUSA's 2020 Annual Family Business Survey now. The survey takes just a few minutes, and your information is strictly confidential.

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