Annual Survey of Family Businesses

2019 Survey CLOSED

To get access to the 2019 Family Business Survey please click this link: Click Here to Sign Up For Access

In promoting the growth and spirit of family businesses in America, FEUSA conducts an Annual Survey of family business across the country to determine what aspects of their businesses create the greatest challenge to adding jobs and growing their businesses. This information is shared with other business owners, educators, and legislators to allow them to understand the unique challenges faced by “family” businesses.

Family businesses want
  1. Less regulation
  2. A fairer tax rate system for family-owned businesses
  3. Elimination of the estate tax which robs the family of their livelihood



I am contacting you to request your help in reaching business-owning families and asking them to complete the 2019 Family Enterprise USA survey.

To access the short, online survey, the link --> SURVEY CLOSED <-- Survey Link.


I am asking you to share this survey with families that you believe may be interested in participating.


Family Enterprise USA is a 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to educating lawmakers and growing public support for family businesses across America.

Each year, Family Enterprise USA surveys business owners across the country to learn about their challenges and ensure that their voices are heard on Capitol Hill.

I am reaching out to you with the understanding that your business-owning members may want such a voice and the opportunity to participate in this year’s survey.

Goals of the survey

The 2019 FEUSA survey takes just a few minutes to complete and is open until March 27. 

All survey responses are completely confidential. Survey topics include:

  • The number of jobs created and revenue generated by American family businesses
  • How the estate tax impacts family businesses and their legacy
  • Greatest impediments to growth faced by family businesses
  • Economic priorities of family businesses
  • Philanthropic giving and community involvement of family businesses

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me or our research team at


Pat Soldano