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Results of FEUSA 2020 COVID- 19 survey and impact on Family Businesses

Here is a recap of the family business responses to the COVID-19 survey that was sent out by FEUSA over the last 6 weeks. This is very helpful information that will be shared with Members of Congress in this session of Congress during the Lame Duck and next session of...

VIDEO: Watch 6-minute video with Pat Soldano; “Tax Legislation Issues for Family Businesses”

Family Business Magazine asked Pat Soldano to speak about tax Legislation Issues that family businesses are facing, including possible COVID 19 legislation during this Congress or the next. Watch this 6-minute video to get a brief update.[button...

2020 Election Results and Key Dates to Watch

The Day After the 2020 Elections - Post-Election Analysis and Outlook An election that was thought by many pollsters to be all but over for Republicans turned out quite differently Tuesday, as races in key states remain too close to call. Regardless of the ultimate...

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