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DC Hill Visits
DC Hill Visits

At Family Enterprise USA we provide a number membership opportunities to accommodate all levels of commitment. We exist solely for, and are supported by, family businesses.

Research.  Advocacy.  Legacy.

Family Enterprise USA promotes generationally owned family business creation, growth, viability, and sustainability by advocating for family businesses and their lifetime of savings with Congress in Washington DC. Since 2007, Family Enterprise USA has represented and celebrated all sizes, professions, and industries of family-owned enterprises and multi-generational employers. It is a bi-partisan 501.c3 organization.

We hope your family will choose to be a member of Family Enterprise USA.

About Family Enterprise USA

Family Enterprise USA is respected and relied upon to be the voice for family business in Washington DC.

Family Enterprise USA members meet with legislators in Washington D.C., to present information on the organization’s latest work and current research.

Family Enterprise USA members educate legislators on the current economic environment that businesses face around the country.

Family Business News & Updates

Saying It Out Loud, By Pat Soldano. September 2023.

Saying It Out Loud, By Pat Soldano. September 2023.

Trust is Everything When Saving America   By Pat Soldano Family businesses may have to save America. Let me explain.   Not so long ago, a more innocent time, we trusted the future would be brighter than the past. The world was not without trouble, but the...