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The Source for Accurate, Reliable and Industry Sourced Data on the status of Family Businesses in America.FEUSA – Striving to preserve the legacy of Family Business’ and the Future of economic growth.

Over 60% of all businesses in the United States are family owned. Family owned business are significant contributors to the communities they do business in. And, given that family owned business are generational, decisions made by family owned business are made with the long term future in mind and are made in the interest of creating sustainability.

FEUSA is the organization that represents all family businesses on a national level in DC; it is not unique to any industry. FEUSA is different from other organizations because it represents and advocates for the families of family businesses and the issues, they face running their businesses every day. Our sole mission and purpose is to promote family businesses and their job growth in America. We also support the work of Family Business Centers across the country. We hope your family will choose to be a member of FEUSA.

​Priority of Economic Public Policy on Family Businesses

​Reducing Over Regulation

​Reducing Or Repealing Estate Tax

​Simplifying Tax Code

​Reducing Income Tax

​Reducing Capital Gains Tax

​Reducing The Federal Deficit

Most family businesses also support strong cultures.

Businesses with a strong culture typically have happier employees who are better compensated. In addition, turnover is lower in family owned business and they are the last to put people out of work when the economy is suffering.

Annual Family Business Survey Final Reports

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