We are in the process of building Ditch the Estate Tax, a social media campaign with the help of Social Driver, a DC-based firm. This project will cost more than $150,000, and so we are asking for your support and hope you will make a special contribution to this project. With election prospects looking increasingly bleak, we will need to have a stronger grassroots presence across the country. 


We need to expand the reach of our message to more voters, who will then connect with members of Congress asking them to repeal the death tax. Social media is the chosen method of communication today, and so we need to communicate to voters using this method.

Once the campaign structure is built the ongoing expense will be considerably less on an annual basis. If you can help, please send a check to:


Policy and Taxation Group or FEUSA 
PO Box 17693
Anaheim Hills, CA 92817


Thank you for your continued support!