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New Videos Feature CK Mondavi’s CEO David Brown, Andrew Geurink, VP, Holland Equipment, on Managing Workforce, Next Generation Issues


Family Enterprise USA’s President Pat Soldano Talks with Two Family Business Executives, One Family Member, One Non-Family Member on Key Issues

Two new videos from Family Enterprise USA have been released, one featuring the non-family member CEO of a woman-owned, 80-year-old winery and the son of the founder running a growing heavy equipment services company.

The videos, hosted by Pat Soldano, President of Family Enterprise USA, focus on the key issues facing all generationally-owned family businesses, from workforce training to regulations to transitioning to the next generation. The videos are part of a series on family business stories focusing on the issues and challenges America’s largest employer, family businesses, face today.

The CK Mondavi video features non-family member David Brown, President and CEO of the winery based in St. Helena, Calif.  The Holland video features Andrew Geurink, Vice President, Holland Equipment Services, Holland, Mich.

Brown manages the 150-employee, woman-owned CK Mondavi, a fourth-generation enterprise looking to its young fifth generation to begin taking the leadership reins.

Our business is greatly affected by water restrictions and climate change,” says Brown in the video. “We need to stay within the lines of state and federal regulations, but the biggest issue is finding employees, training them, and then finding new people and training them,” he says in the video. “The workforce issue exhausts our resources.”

Guerink at Holland echoes similar workforce challenges facing his family’s 35-year-old business. Holland Equipment has 25 employees offering heavy equipment, trucking, logistics, and other services.

Finding the right kind of skilled workers, skilled trade workers, those that want to get their hands dirty are tough to find,” Guerink says in the video. “We’re trying to attract younger workers from high schools and at trade schools, but it’s not easy,” Guerink adds.

America’s family businesses represent 59% of the country’s private workforce, or some 83.3 million U.S. jobs, research shows. In a recent survey by Family Enterprise USA, it was found family businesses in America consisted of 23.7% in manufacturing, 10.4% in construction/facilities, and 9.75% in real estate.

“These videos are designed to provide real-world stories from family business across the country,” said Soldano about the latest releases. “Both Holland and CK Mondavi are good examples of the similar challenges family business face in hiring, managing difficult regulations, all while give back to the community,” she said. “We hope other family businesses can learn from these leaders, become more engaged in these issues, and as a result make our voice on Capitol Hill louder.”

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